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Student Ministry

Our Current Series: The Gospel of Mark

No other person in history has generated as much attention or as much controversy as Jesus. His name is the most recognizable name on the planet, no one has had more books written about them, more good done in their name, and more evil than Jesus. His name has brought Kings to their knees and has inspired nobody's to achieve unimaginable heights, but who was He really? What did He really say? What did He really do? Join us as we walk through the gospel of Mark together, looking at the life of this middle-class carpenter from a small village in rural Galilee who's followers ended up turning the world upside down. We will separate the fact from the fiction, the legend from the legacy and the tradition from the reality as we try to answer life's most important questions. Why did Jesus come? What does He want from me? What is His plan for the world and for my life?

Bridge 42 Student Ministry wants to inspire students to give their lives one decision at a time. Our weekly gathering takes place on Wednesday Nights at 6:45 in the student worship center. This is a time for students to learn about Jesus and play some epically awesome games! Gospel-centered community means making disciples and small groups are the primary avenue for this. Led by trained adult leaders, our small groups meet on Wednesday nights following the Large Group time to build community, accountability, and friendships.

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