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Watch Message

Biblical, text-driven teaching.  We allow God's Word to shape us, rather than permitting our own opinions to mold our view of God's Word.

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Plan Your Visit

Want to know more about what it's like when you visit Bridge42?  Unsure if your personality and unique style will be welcomed?  Perhaps you want to know what to expect when you walk through the door...

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Being the Church

Church is not something you go to ... it is something you are.  Bridge42 is devoted to being the Church outside of the sanctuary's walls as well as within.  Obedience to Jesus is more than listening to someone teach on Sunday morning; it is bearing each other's burdens daily, and living in intentional Christian community.  At Bridge42, we call these communities Life Groups.

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The Name

The name Bridge42 is about pointing to the Gospel of Jesus rather than a denomination, location, or a person.  The "Bridge" in Bridge42 represents Jesus who reconciles us back to Himself through the Cross.  The "42" in Bridge42 represents Atcs 2:42...

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Welcome to Bridge 42 Church

Bridge42 is a collection of believers devoted to both corporate worship on Sunday morning, and weekly meetings in the community.  The worship of Jesus on Sunday empowers us to effectively live out the Gospel's Truth throughout the week in service and love.  Sunday worship begins at 10:30 am.  The atmosphere is kind and casual with no dress code, other than modesty.  We can't wait to meet you!


Service Times


       Sunday Worship                10:30 am

Wednesday Crock Potluck      6:15pm

Wednesday Bible Study           6:45pm


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Upcoming Events


Community Fish Fry Sunday, February 17th @ 12:00 pm  

Crock Potluck & Bible Study Wednesday February 20th  6:15-7:30 pm

Kingdom Initiative at the Outreach Center Tuesday, February 26th 5-8pm


Church Calendar

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From the Pastors Pen

From the Pastors Pen

Jesus gave His Church a message meant to impact the world:


His Kingdom is coming


How will the Kingdom look? What does the world need to see in Christians that reflects this truth?  What must we do for the world to hear this message...

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