• Weekly Services

    At Bridge42 we believe in gathering God's people together for worship and scattering scattering into our communities to live out the gospel by loving and serving those around us. We gather together every Sunday at 10:30am for worship.  The atmosphere is casual and high energy, so come as you are!!!

  • LifeGroups

    Church is more than something to do, it is something to be a part of.  It is people seeking God together; praying together, holding each other accountable, walking through pain and through joy together.  Join a LifeGroup and see what it looks like when we begin to learn to do life together.

  • Love828

    Next month, six local churches are coming together for two weeks for the purpose of loving and serving Morganton, NC and the rest of the 828 area code in a way that demonstrates the Love of God, and opens up opportunities to share the life-changing message of Jesus with those around us.

  • What's in a Name?

    "So, why the name Bridge42?"  I can't tell you the number of times I've been asked this question.  In developing the name Bridge42 we prayed about a name that would point not to a denomination, a location, or a person, but one that would point to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.